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Achoo! Try these hay fever friendly flowers
Jun 19

Runny nose, uncontrollable sneezing and itchy eyes. Are you suffering from hay fever or do you want to send flowers to someone who is? Scroll down to see our shortlist of hay fever friendly flowers.

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Discover 2019’s top 5 wedding trends
May 24

As wedding season is almost upon us we decided that it is time to dive into the world of wedding floristry. In this article, we’ll discuss some of 2019’s biggest wedding trends.

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What’s your birth flower? Find out now!
May 17

With the royal birth of baby Archie, we decided to dive into the world of birth flowers. Find out which flower is matched with your month of birth.

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Delight your senses | 6 edible flowers
Apr 15

Flowers can be mesmerizing because of their beauty, but did you know that some flowers are edible too?

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New Biodegradable Wrap
Feb 18

We are introducing new biodegradable wrap for Mothers day 2019

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