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Flower of the Month January: the Tulip
Jan 16

The Tulip is the flower of the month January and is known for its ‘never-ending’ winter growing process.

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Living Coral – Colour of the Year 2019
Jan 09

For 20 years, Colour Institute Pantone announces the new Colour of the Year. Recently they have chosen Living Coral for 2019

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Flower of the Month December: the Poinsettia
Dec 13

Despite their deceiving name, we should actually say plant of the month. With over 8 million plants sold every year, it’s the UK’s number one houseplant during the festive season.

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Thanks Florismart!
Dec 04

Innovations in floristry, helping our small businesses beat the supermarket giants.

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These are 2018’s Christmas Trends
Nov 28

Dramatic animal prints, cool colours or back-to-basics? This Christmas, you will see all kinds of trends. That’s why we scoured through the internet to spot 2018’s Christmas trends for you.

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