Thanks Florismart!

As a family run business we're often dreaming big and thinking up new ways to improve our service and offer the best we can to our customers.

We have made many changes to the way we operate over the last year or so. We now source the vast majority of our flowers direct from the grower, meaning that they are cut and shipped straight to us, cutting out the middle man.

This not ony keeps the prices lower for our customers but also means that the flowers are as fresh as they could possibly be, meaning our customers get the maximum vase life from them. Happy customers make us happy!

This has only been possible thanks to a wonderful collective of florists and techies known as Florismart. This wonderful team are florists helping florists. They are making breakthroughs in floristry which means that our lovely little trade has hope and the risk of losing all small floristry businesses to supermarket giants is growing ever smaller.

Most recently, they have begun to build a network of florists so that customers can send flowers anywhere in the uk without using a third party. Check out to access this growing network. It's early days and thousands of florists like us will still be busy building their profiles for the website, but eventually this network will cover the UK.

The site allows you to choose a florist near you, or near to the lucky person you are sending flowers to and will link you directly to their website. Buying directly from a florist always offers the customer best value for money, the most personal service and best of all, it gives you a choice. You select the florist that will make your desired bouquet, based on not only their location but their style of floristry too.

We're looking forward to being part of the growing network, keep your eyes open for our profile as it will be up and running soon....


Thanks Florismart!