These are 2018’s Christmas Trends

Jungle bells, jungle bells

This fall we saw a lot of animal prints in both fashion and the world of interior decorating. Therefore, it is no surprise that this trend will carry on to the Christmas period. Will you turn your Christmas tree into an exotic appearance with wild animals and other tropical decorations this year?

… Or do you think that animal prints for Christmas are a little too much? You can also create a true ‘jungle bells’ feeling by using air plants or succulents. We saw this trend last year and we are certain that it will last in 2018. Put succulents in an open glass Christmas tree bauble for instance (or just buy them ready-made). Air plants and succulents are also great to use in Christmas wreaths. They will certainly make a statement on your front door!

Cool Colours

This Christmas, a lot of cool colours will be used: blue, purple and grey for instance. ‘But those are not at all Christmas colours?’ you might think. According to Interiorzine, they are! Blue in combination with white resembles a wintery fairytale. And who doesn’t want that?! By combining blue with brown or copper, you will indeed create a cosy look and feel.

Country Chic

All over the world, we see a growing development in sustainable living and consumption. The Christmas trend ‘Country Chic’ goes back-to-basics and matches great with this development. If you wish to follow this trend, use a combination of natural materials and colours and above all: lots of green elements. For the decoration, consider pine cones or make the most beautiful creations with paper. Replace electric lights with plenty of candles: no shortage of cosiness! Keep in mind: less is more.

Want to take sustainability to the next level this Christmas? Upcycle your Christmas ornaments – such as painting old Christmas tree baubles – to create a new look. Pinterest revealed that searches for ‘upcycled ornaments’ increased with more than 300% in 2018. Searches for ‘zero waste gift wraps’ also increased with 75%.

Still doubting whether these trends are right up your alley? Don’t worry: a classic Christmas (tree) is always a great idea! Combine the iconic colours red, green and gold and your Christmas is ready to start.

These are 2018’s Christmas Trends