To all plant killers: our top 5 low maintenance plants

1.     Pothos

This green houseplant – also called Devil’s Ivy – is the first on our list of low maintenance indoor plants. Some would even say that it is quite indestructible, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The trailing plant thrives without sunlight and it can tolerate occasional overwatering and drought. Please make sure to keep them out of full sun or the fun will only last for a short period.


2.     Lucky Bamboo

Start with this cheerful plant if you have been unlucky keeping your plants alive in the past. Caring for Lucky Bamboo is quite easy. Just make sure to water it once a week (no more!) and keep it out of direct sunlight. Did you know that Lucky Bamboo is actually no real bamboo? That’s why you can easily keep it indoors. The plant is a symbol of success, wealth, luck and health.


3.     Chinese Money Plant

This houseplant – which also goes by the nickname ‘Pancake Plant’ – prefers a shady spot and weekly watering. It’s the ideal addition to your green interior because it’s almost as easy to propagate as it’s easy to care for. Ask yourself: what’s better than one Pancake Plant? Right, lots of them! Replant the offshoots that sprout from the bottom of the stem and start building that green wall.


4.     Air Plant

Of course, the ever-popular Air Plant (or: Tillandsia) couldn’t be missed in this overview of low maintenance plants. Keep in mind that they do not actually thrive on air alone. Tillandsia absorbs nutrients from water through its leaves. You can either mist your plants thoroughly or fill a container with water and soak them for at least 30 minutes, once a week.


5.     ZZ Plant

A few months of neglect is no big deal for this sturdy houseplant. It will still look green, fresh and healthy when you return from a holiday for instance. In fact, it seems to appreciate being left alone. So if ‘live and let live’ is your motto, then you might appreciate this plant handling things in its own way. The plant can thrive in low-light conditions and stands up well to dry winter air.

To all plant killers: our top 5 low maintenance plants