Achoo! Try these hay fever friendly flowers

The more colour the better

The rule of thumb is that colourful flowers have a reduced risk of causing hay fever. You may wonder why? Colourful flowers seem to attract insects – like bees and butterflies – that spread pollen. Less colourful flowers, however, pollinate through the air which is causing the above-mentioned unwanted effects. You’ll recognise that the flowers below are all very colourful.

Hay fever friendly flowers

Snapdragon – The tightly closed buds of this flower minimise the release of pollen, which makes it a safe choice for anyone who suffers from hay fever. You can enjoy the always colourful Snapdragon both indoors as a cut flower and outdoors in the garden. Colours range from white, yellow, orange and peach to pink, red, purple and violet.

Pollen-free Lily – Who doesn’t love Lilies?  Although they can be one of the worst flowers in terms of allergies, there is a solution.  Even hay fever sufferers can enjoy these blooms without having unwanted sneeze effects due to pollen-free Lily varieties. Growers cultivate special breeds that are free of pollen and are usually available at your local florist.

Azalea – This hay fever friendly flower is a colourful spring bloomer. Most Azalea varieties bloom from April to June. Of course, this depends on the weather. The flowers of the Azalea come out beautifully in shades of red, pink, purple, yellow and white. Sneeze-free guaranteed!

Hydrangea – This flower is one of the safest options as it is insect pollinated. It comes in many shades of pink, blue, purple and white. Did you know that the acidity in the soil determines the colour of a Hydrangea? In strongly acid soil the flowers turn blue, while in slightly acid/neutral soil they turn purple. Just like Snapdragon, you can enjoy this bloom both indoors and outdoors.

Other sneeze-free flowers are Astrantia, Lavender, Marigold and Jasmine.

Achoo! Try these hay fever friendly flowers